Muscle Testing: Your Body’s Superpower

Muscle Testing: Your Body’s Superpower

The body has amazing wisdom. Most of us tap into a tiny fraction of the wisdom our bodies have. If you want to learn to get in touch with your body’s wisdom and make choices in partnership with this deep well of wisdom, this is the practice you want.

Heart Zap Meditation

Heart Zap Meditation

If you feel sad, disconnected, isolated, or just need a boost in the amount of love you feel, this is the practice for you.

Three easy steps that clear your energy field and open your heart. Quickly and easily magnetize your Twin Flame to you!

Step One. Uplevel — Be The Best Version of Yourself You Can Be

The best and quickest way to attract your Twin Flame to you is to work on evolving yourself and clearing any energy blocks that you may have. 

There is no guarantee that you will meet your Twin Flame if you do this (you may not have a Soul Agreement to meet), but you greatly increase your chances if you make yourself as ready as possible for the intense quality of a Twin Flame relationship before you meet. 

This is why many people meet their Twin Flames just after having completed powerful work on themselves.

Upgrade Your Beliefs

One of the most effective kinds of self-evolution work involves shedding old beliefs that no longer serve us. 

We are given beliefs by parents/family and society, and most of us just accept them as true. Everything we think and do is a product of our beliefs. Our entire sense of ourselves and the world is built from our beliefs.

We hold beliefs about everything in the world, including about ourselves. The beliefs we have about ourselves and how we fit into the world influence how we act. 

But you want to uplevel your life and attract your Twin Flame! So remember that anything you think of as “true” is simply a belief.

Twin Flame Attraction Activation #1: Sure-Fire Method to Upgrade Your Beliefs Quickly and Permanently 

This Twin Flame Attraction Activation method quickly and permanently upgrades your beliefs by clearing your energy field of anything that no longer gets in the way of your highest and best good.

This method is easy to do but might take a few days or even a few weeks to complete fully. You and your Twin Flame are worth the time investment!

1. List everything you think of as “true” about yourself. This might take you several days to complete. 

2. Make each item a statement as if it is happening right now. 

Examples: I am unlucky, I am attractive, I am a slow runner, I eat too much ice cream, I am a smart shopper.

3. Think about each item on your list. Decide whether it limits you in some way or whether it serves you in your highest and best good. 

4. To do this, say one of your list items to yourself. Notice how your body feels when you say it. Do you feel contracted and tight?  Or do you feel expanded and relaxed?

[Contracted and tight = limiting. Expanded and relaxed = highest good]

Using the examples from above, it’s easy to imagine which of them are probably limiting and which contribute to highest good.

  • I am unlucky — limiting 
  • I  am a smart shopper — highest good
  • I am a slow runner — limiting
  • I eat too much ice cream — limiting
  • I am attractive — highest good

5. It may not be clear to you right away which of your beliefs are limiting and which contribute to your highest good. If you don’t get a clear response from your body from some of your items right away, don’t worry. Just come back to those items in a few days. 

Side Effects From Twin Flame Attraction Activation #1
  • Feel lighter
  • Smiling a lot
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Vivid dreams
  • Lightheadedness or dizziness (this passes quickly)
  • Increased synchronicities

Your Twin Flame awaits you!

Step Two. Release Energies of Your Past Relationships & Find The Gold

We almost always come to new relationships with emotional “baggage” from the past. This baggage influences how we see our new romantic partner and influences how we act in the new relationship.

To attract our Twin Flame, we need to be as clear from past relationship energies as possible.

To clear away past relationship energies, we give thanks to everything we learned and received from each past relationship. We feel with deep gratitude each lesson we learned or way we grew and evolved as a result of our past relationships.

Release your emotional attachment to the events of your relationships and you will find the gold that awaits you.

Twin Flame Attraction Activation #2: Release The Bonds Of Emotional Baggage Quickly & Easily

Get several pieces of paper, one piece for each person you’ve had a significant relationhip with. Working with one relationhip at a time, write down the following:

  • the main events of the relationship — the events that stand out for you
  • for each main event, write how you feel about it (angry, sad, afraid, joyful)

Allow yourself to feel fully whatever you feel about each of the main events that happened  for each of your relationships. This process may take you anywhere from a few days to several weeks to complete. And you and your Twin Flame are worth this time investment!


Every day, review what you’ve written on your pieces of paper. Notice whether you still feel the emotion you wrote down.


If you still feel the same emotion, for instance anger, keep allowing yourself to feel that anger. Hit pillows. Scream into your hand. Move the energy of that emotion while allowing yourself to feel it.

If you feel a different emotion, process that emotion the way you did the first one by allowing yourself to feel it. Perhaps you now feel sadness, in which case you’ll want to grieve. Let yourself cry, wail, sob.

Continue this process for each event in each of your past relationships until you only feel calm acceptance.


Now you are ready to find the gold! For each main event from each of your past relationships, what do you think you learned or gained? What gold is there for you in that event?

There is always gold in every experience. Now that you have released your emotional attachment to the events of your relationships. you are free to see the gold that dwells there for you.

Set your relationship baggage free!

Step 3. Open Your Heart For Your Twin Flame

The last step is to fully open our hearts so that our beautiful heart energy radiates outward from us like a beacon, calling our Twin Flame to us.

When our heart is fully open, it acts as a homing device for our Twin Flame. Our heart energy beams our unique energy signature out into the Universe, announcing the perfect home for our Twin Flame. 

To fully open your heart, you must release any fears you may have about being rejected, unlovable, or unworthy. To release these fears, first you must fully feel them. 

Twin Flame Attraction Activation # 3: Fail-Proof Method To Permanently Erase Your Fears & Open Your Heart

Most of us hoard little fears about things. We fear we will be rejected. We fear we are unlovable. We fear we aren’t good enough. We hold onto these fears and add energy to them, which makes the fears bigger and makes the chance they will actually come true stronger.

This Twin Flame Attraction Activation method acts as an antidote for this common human condition and reverses it.


Imagine you are meeting your Twin Flame for the first time — and something goes wrong. It isn’t the magical love-at-first-sight experience you yearn for.

[This is not to suggest that you won’t have a magical love-at-first-sight experience! But this method failure-proofs your meeting when it happens!]


Imagine the worst thing that could go wrong when you meet your Twin Flame. What do you fear most?

Perhaps you fear that your Twin outright rejects you. Or refuses to love you. Or deems you unworthy of their amazing love.


Working with one fear at a time, allow yourself to feel your imaginary scenario fully.

Feel what it is like in your body to be rejected, unloved and unlovable, or unworthy. Whatever your fears are, let yourself feel them as if they are real and are happening right now.

Feel all the emotions that arise when you imagine your worst case scenario with your Twin. You might feel angry, sad, hopeless, discouraged, depressed, or afraid. Or all of these!

Let yourself feel everything. The more real you make this for yourself, the better your results will be. This process may take a few days to complete fully.


Allow yourself to wail and sob, to grieve what might have been between you and your Twin Flame if only your [rejection/being unlovable/being unworthy] didn’t exist.


Now that you have cleared the energy of your fears about meeting your Twin Flame, your energy signature shifts into Heart Mode.

Heart Mode is when we are fully open. Our hearts radiate joy and heart energy. We feel light, joyful, and connected to everything in the Universe.

Now you are ready to meet your Twin Flame!

11 Signs Your Heart Is Open And You Are Ready To Meet Your Twin Flame
  • People hold eye contact with you for a long time
  • Feels like family members are more aligned with you
  • Coworkers and friends invite you to more events and outings
  • People generally want to be around you
  • You feel light in your body
  • Find yourself singing or humming much of the day
  • Desire to do fun, spontaneous things
  • Start new healthy habits because they seem fun
  • Strongly feel your purpose is about helping people
  • Feel a sense of calm and “rightness” about your life you’ve never (or rarely) felt before
  • Feel a sense of belonging and connection to everything in the Universe

When your heart is fully open, it radiates into the Universe to call your Twin Flame to you.

What’s Next? How To Connect Your Heart Energy To Your Twin Flame & Quickly Magnetize Them To You

Now that your heart is fully open, pay attention to how it feels. Notice how love just pours forth from you! Notice, too, how you can direct this love to anywhere you want.

Focus on your Twin Flame. Your Twin has been in connection with you all your life, so you already know what your Twin feels like to you.

Feel your heart and your heart energy. Place your hands over your heart if that helps you focus. Imagine your heart radiating love energy to your Twin Flame. Imagine your Twin Flame receiving your heart energy, and sending heart energy back to you (that last part is essential!). Notice what you feel.

You have just completed a circuit — your heart energy to your Twin Flame, and then back to you again.

5 Signs You Have Made Heart Contact With Your Twin Flame
  • Feel electric tingles in your body
  • Know deep down you are never alone
  • Sense something exciting is about to happen
  • Increased awareness of your heart and heart energy
  • Huge increase in synchronicities and signs

Congratulations! You have made contact and are already calling in your Twin Flame!


Read all about Twin Flames with Twin Flames 101: What You Need To Know For The Most Magical Relationship Of Your Life.

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Muscle Testing: Your Body’s Superpower

Muscle Testing: Your Body’s Superpower

The body has amazing wisdom. Most of us tap into a tiny fraction of the wisdom our bodies have. If you want to learn to get in touch with your body’s wisdom and make choices in partnership with this deep well of wisdom, this is the practice you want.

Heart Zap Meditation

Heart Zap Meditation

If you feel sad, disconnected, isolated, or just need a boost in the amount of love you feel, this is the practice for you.

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