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Influencing Factors That Give You More Power & Bring You Closer To Uncovering Your Destiny

Living Destiny

Knowing and living one’s Destiny is among the most profoundly satisfying and rewarding experiences we humans can have.

Living Destiny takes life to a whole new level, one that most of us likely are unaware exists. When we know our Destiny but do not know how to live it, we can feel immensely energized but with no place to direct the energy, which for some people is deeply disheartening.

And when we do not know our Destiny nor live it, we risk living a life of futility as we drift from one thing to another with no easy way to improve our experience.

It is not enough to just know your Destiny — you must Live it! Knowing your Destiny without doing anything about it makes knowing your Destiny almost pointless, and can set you up to feel terrible in life.


Owning, Following & Living Desire

When we know what we want and cultivate the ability to live our desires, it feels like life flows. We become energized by the power of aligning with our deepest desires. We magnetize others to us — people who sense our alignment and unconsciously want to live in alignment as well.

When we do not know what we want, we cut ourselves off from essential internal energy. We become stagnant and angry, because our soul cries out to us in vain while we ignore its cries again and again.

Belief That Destiny Is Real

When we believe Destiny is real, an entire world opens up. We can access the infinite power of Destiny, which is an unending supportive flow of energy. Also we have an opportunity to tap into this flow in a much more expanded way than if we simply lived life oblivious to a great power that exists to help us.

When we doubt Destiny or know our Destiny but resist it, we prevent ourselves from accessing the second most powerful force in the Universe. Consequently we reduce the amount of supportive energy we can access.

NOTE:  You may be living Destiny, but doubt Destiny it exists. Your doubt robs you of access to more resources that are only available in acknowledging Destiny.

Connection To The Divine/ Magic/ Source

When we know in our hearts that divine energy, magic, and source are real and exist in support of our lives, we can feel incredibly buoyed by life and secure in our choices.

We can know we will be okay despite potential challenges. We honor the sacred in ourselves, in others, and in all life, which can be profoundly satisfying.

When we do not believe in or acknowledge the existence of divine energy, magic, source or the sanctity of life, we often feel empty and that life (and our life in particular) is meaningless. We rob ourselves of the joy of connection to something greater than ourselves.