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Grief, Loss, Praise, and Pandemic: Healing Grief Through Community

LIVE BETTERGrief, Loss, Praise, and Pandemic: Healing Through CommunityTalyaa Liera, Oracle of DestinyYou're carrying the ghosts of your ancestors. No wonder everything feels so heavy. I've realized there is much in my life I haven't grieved. Grief is what we feel...

Mercury Retrograde — A Communication Upgrade

Don’t fear the Retro! Mercury Retrograde is your perfect time to go in a go deep. In a Retrograde you’ll get plenty of chances to fine-tune your communication style — while at the same time helping you practice how to be a better listener. Win-win!

11 Ways to Calm Your Inner Gremlin

Banish your head’s inner gremlins with these 11 easy ways to re-gain a state of zen like calm.

Be More Powerful: Say What You Want

Be More Powerful: Say What You Want

By learning how to tap into our wants, we can feel more empowered, more whole, and more joyful. Are you good at saying what you DON’T want? Or do you think about your wants only in terms of what you think is possible? Never fear — you can learn to overcome these common difficulties and tap into your inner power to say what you want.

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